Mike Goldfarb joins HENRY Talents as Head of Music

HENRY Talents launches a new division focused on song integrations.

HENRY’s newly established music division offers a fresh opportunity to help drive song exposure through carefully integrated campaigns, using our star studded lineup of TikTokers as connectors for a real shot at going viral.

It all starts with a song

In today‚Äôs attention economy, the way songs are marketed, distributed and consumed has drastically shifted. The more the social funnel gets clogged with content, the more creative and innovative artists need to be to stand out. From independent artists to global superstars like Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran and Billie Eilish (just to name a few), we believe in using authentic storytelling and cultural relevance to generate impact, increasing streams on popular platforms like Spotify and Apple Music as a result. 

About Mike Goldfarb

Leading the division is none other than Mike Goldfarb; a bonafide music marketing executive with specific expertise in Gen-Z culture. His track record for successfully driving billions of impressions and digital streams has propelled a number of artists to the top of the music scene, leveraging A&R prowess and hard data to secure multimillion dollar partnerships with the likes of Warner Records (Recordings), Primary Wave (Publishing), 21 Entertainment (Management), and many others throughout his illustrious career. 

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