We Accelerate & Manage
TikTok Creators and top-tier Influencer brands.

HENRY /HighEarnerNotRichYet/ is an influencer agency focused on accelerating top-tier influencers and TikTok Creators. With a team of seasoned management executives, we build career plans that transform influencers into scalable brands while managing brand partnerships, licensing deals and product developments.
Select Influencers & Creators:


TIKTOK - 455K / IG - 23K / YT - 705K


ACTRESS / IG - 130K / TIKTOK - 51.6K / YT - 47.3K


TIKTOK - 1.5M / IG - 70.7K


TIKTOK - 585.7K / IG - 432K / YT - 69.4K


TikTok - 8M / IG - 25.5K


TIKTOK - 709.4K / IG - 21.5K


TIKTOK - 726.2K / IG - 33.8K


TIKTOK - 3.3M / IG - 124K


TikTok - 1.4M / IG - 119K / YT 10.1K


TIKTOK - 1.8M / IG - 156K


TIKTOK - 6.6M / IG - 31.8K / YT - 8.36K


IG - 57.8K / YT - 49.7K / TikTok - 57.8K

For our full talent roster please email us at info@henrytalents.com

Our Services
Brand Partnerships

We manage and execute all in-bound and out-bound brand collaboration opportunities on behalf of the talents with brands around the globe.

Growth Consultation

With our team of seasoned digital marketing and social media experts, we will consult you with the most trend-forward tactics in order to increase your social fan base and optimize your content performance.

Career Development

With more than 20 years of combined management expertise, We support you in developing further as a talent and reach your objectives in every vertical.

E-Commerce Development

We support you with the ideation of your own branded products, launch of Shopify E-commerce and marketing the brand to your audience.


Our Clients
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